DevSmart Group | FundSmart Methodology
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FundSmart Methodology


The DevSmart team has years of experience developing fundraising strategies. Through this collective experience, the team has developed a methodology called FundSmart that utilizes a combination of the client’s in-office experience and capacities, together with researched donor intelligence, to ensure the most effective possible resource mobilization outcomes. 

The FundSmart Methodology revolves around three tiers of strategic planning:  assessment and evaluation (knowledge); risk mitigation and capacity creation (capacity to deliver); and strategy development and implementation (action).

Assessment and evaluation

Tier One of FundSmart is assessment/evaluation of the current situation both in and outside of the agency.  While common in resource mobilization approaches, FundSmart ensures a deeper level of analysis by undertaking comprehensive pre-interviews with key stakeholders to understand the current methods of donor interaction, the quality of the relationships, the methods of documentation and follow-up, and the organization of information. Added to that is a thorough analysis of external donor intelligence as it relates to the country and regional context.


Risk and capacity

Tier Two of FundSmart is risk mitigation and capacity creation.  Each office has a different set of contextual factors, and FundSmart uses a SWOT-style analysis process to identify key systems or human resources that are particularly strong or, alternately, have been and could continue to compromise donor trust and funding.  Where systems or capacities need to be developed, DevSmart either trains or identifies training needs to build the ability of the office to achieve its goals.

Strategy development and implementation

Tier Three builds on the foundation created by information gathered during the first and second tier exercises. This is the core of the client’s new strategy and contains actions to be taken, timelines, identification of focal points/responsible parties, and milestones.  In creating this strategy, we not only give you the method and tools, but we can also help you implement and monitor the short and longer term effectiveness of the new capacities and strategies in place.