DevSmart Group | Our Clients
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Our Clients


We work extensively with the United Nations — with UNAIDSUNDPUNITARUNOPS, UNHCR, UN Women, ITU and UN Country Teams; and with UNICEF in over 30 country offices, five regional offices, and numerous headquarters divisions.

One of our goals is working with public and private sector clients to create a bridge between the two worlds toward a common goal.

Private sector involvement in social and international development is integral in mobilizing resources, enlisting community support and leveraging technical expertise. We help make these contributions possible by providing public sector non-profit organizations and international development groups with the tools, strategies and skills necessary to engage and maintain private sector partnerships. We can also identify and match the right partners toward achieving organizational success.

At the same time, we provide advisory services for for-profit entities on how best to invest their philanthropic dollars, engage employees in their charitable endeavors and become a socially responsible corporation.